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BrandonSouth Consulting & Management (BSC) is a minority and woman-owned digital consulting agency that aims to support local businesses through a series of strategic branding competencies. 


We've been working behind the scenes for all kinds of people and businesses for over fifteen years, helping them build and strengthen their digital footprint, working as members of internal teams - which was great, for the organizations we were hired to serve. But, after watching so many small and minority-owned businesses struggle with their digital spaces, we decided that we couldn't be tied down to just one company, that there was more work to be done!


We launched BrandonSouth as an answer to our community's problem. Not only did we want to help businesses understand the need for strong digital branding solutions, but help them improve their position in the marketplace. Refusing to be a do-it-all-for-you type of company, we decided that we would partner with our clients to help them make the most of the services we offer, showing them easy, small steps they could make every day to keep their business in front of their ideal customers.


BrandonSouth is more than just technical expertise. We look at the whole of your systems to help you (1) build a strong business strategy that aligns with your digital spaces and (2) design solutions that aid your business in becoming high-functioning, self-sustaining entities. We offer training, books and solutions that make sense. No industry jargon that makes sense only to those in the industry. We keep it simple and help you understand the foundations of a strong online strategy. 

What's working for our clients?


Our most popular services are the Digital Check-Up & Mark by Words Messaging Audit. These two packages allow us to look through the online spaces of an organization and advise them on what they are doing right, what they are doing wrong and make recommendations going forward. It also helps them to clarify their niche in a way that sets them apart from their competitors.  


Our iCons

Our team of brand image consultants (iCons) comes with a unique set of extraordinary skills that should have exciting names. We have Chief Word-wranglers who come up with the best campaign slogans. We have a Grand Master of Handshakes who is an expert in finding people who need our help and who can help make our projects better; Then there is the Chief Everything Officer, whose title needs no explanation.  Oh, and our favorite - the Happiness Advocate who keeps everyone around here on task and in the best of spirits when we need it most.

No matter the role, each team member is important to the success of our organization.  

We're currently looking for Independent iCons to work with our team. 

If you're interested in joining the crew, email us at to schedule a chat!

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