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Your brand presence needs work. You have a great idea, a great product or solution, and you've got a signature mark, a tag line, and some information about what you have to offer. You're out there, but you're not really...there. You're not really showing up, and neither are your clients. So, what's the problem? Your brand is kind of nestled between every other amazing product and most people don't know who you are or what you stand for. Now you question if that great idea is as great as you thought. 


How do we know? You're here, right?


Listen, it hurts to hear that you are missing the mark, especially in business. It's even worse to have no help to turn it all around. Our sole mission here at BrandonSouth is to help emerging small business owners SHOW UP where they need to be. We're not afraid to tell you what's not working, but here's the difference. We want to help you fix it. We partner with you to find out what's not working then give you simple ways to solve the problem and lend a hand if you want it!  We won't do all the lifting, but we'll help ease the load. 

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Audit Boxes

Start with what's wrong & make it right.

Answer a few questions and we'll run a full audit of your brand and help you fix what's broken. 

Digital Check-Up
Full Scale Audit Box

Get Serious About Your Brand with the Digital Check-Up Audit Box. Includes Website and Social Media Messaging and Platform Analysis, Niche Assessment, Community Needs Assessment & Audience Clarification +  Recommendations for Enhancing Brand Image


Mark my Words
Messaging Audit Box

Words Mean Much. Ensure your messaging is in line with your community and audience. Includes Website and Social Media Messaging and Platform Analysis with Recommendations for Enhancing your Communications Strategy


Top 5 Brand Questions Every Business Should Ask

Let me in

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We've worked with clients across a number of industries and helped them capitalize on the strength of what makes them unique.  We know that asking our clients to show up for their business means that we have to show up for them too. Here are just a few of the amazing projects we've worked on. 




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We are a Minority

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be the boss
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If you know what you want and what you need, we won't waste your time. Our Brand Boxes provide you with clear up-front pricing for the solutions you deserve. Customize your box with exactly what you need and get most done in as little as 30 days. We offer Done-For-You Services and DIY Guided solutions for those that want to lead outcomes. Whether you need simple guidance or a more hands-on approach, we're here to make up the difference.

Build a Boss Brand Box
Find your Best Answer.

I'm still not sure. I want to schedule a call.


Build your Own Dynamic Site!


Web Design Course

This course is for teams that want a more hands-on approach to better understand their digital spaces. This course walks you through simple web design, and the foundational elements of your site as an extension of your business. Learn how to:

  • Decide what matters to your audience

  • Clarify & Articulate your Niche

  • Design for Mass Appeal

  • Slugs, Keywords & SEO Optimization

  • 30 Days Consulting Support & More

Got it! We'll let you know when the course launches.


We can't wait to inspire you.

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